b. 1986, HK.


welcome back, welcome home

The concept for Asha’s Place has been developed as Asha Lester’s thesis work as a student in the Public Art & New Artistic Strategies Masters program at Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

Asha’s Place is a sort of space that is constantly metamorphosing, on a pendulum between the tangible and the immaterial. Sometimes it possesses a physical location, and sometimes it is only located in transcontinental video call conversations or on the pages of websites or the surfaces of advertisement columns. However, all of these manifestations are working together towards one point of magic, and that is to employ handmade art objects and images in the facilitation of innumerable kinds of exchange between people, to bring moments of connection. Asha’s Place asks people to engage with the concept of the necessity of things that are not actually necessary for basic survival: creativity, imagination, making, and playing.

Asha’s Place has been incubating for the past 27 years. It has moved incessantly, between the US, China, Canada, and is finally hatching into a more tangible presence in the little historic town of Weimar, Germany.

It will make an appearance as a pop-up performance installation at the Schiller Museum on May 18th, 2019, as part of the Imaginary Bauhaus Museum Exhibition, and then at Kiosk.6 on June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. All of these activities will be closed out with a Master’s Thesis Defense Presentation in the first week of July (hopefully to occur in Asha’s home, but yet to be confirmed). Later in July, Asha’s Place will be again picking up and moving to another small, off-the-beaten-track, and surprisingly wonderful spot. For this settling phase, it has chosen the university town of Fayetteville, in the state of Arkansas, in the United States.

**During its Weimar phase, Asha’s Place is existing in the framework of IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM